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Keren is a happily married entrepreneur who at one point was a kitchen, bathroom and interior designer. Keren has been living in the Bay Area since 2003. A busy gal who loves good food, traveling and the arts.

Keren Melori Or is a crafter and a designer who specializes in Swarovski crystal Jewelry. Among her creative talents are Embroidery, crochet, paper crafts, sewing, piano playing and so much more.
There’s always some sort of project going on and the craft space is often cluttered. Recently Embroidery has became a passion.

Arts and Crafts Plaza is open to all crafters. We hope to inspire you to be creative in every aspect of your life.
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I would like to thank my hubby for helping me bring this idea into life.
You’re the best!
A big thank you to Lee who has been an inspiration. To check Lee’s site go to:

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